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Fantello Farmstead Creamery
Contact: Paul & Patty Fantello
City: Enumclaw, WA, 98022
About Us
We are a small Farmstead Creamery in Enumclaw WA. Making cheese and butter from grass-fed Jersey Cows. Our family has been on the farm for over 100 years. We started milking cows and making cheese in 2014 and now sell butter and cheeses

Filomena would milk jersey cows until the age of 82 years old. The farm was then purchased by grandson Paul Fantello. A place where agriculture has grown; beef cattle, pigs, goats, and now its grasses feed our cows we milk since 2014. Since then, a major overhaul of the family's garage transformed to a top of the line cheese making facility. The changes made were to accommodate the rather small but bountiful heard of Jersey cows.
Cows are treated humanely and lovingly and we care for the earth - our family has been here for 100 years and hope to be here hundreds more.