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Purdy Good Pickles
Contact: Sis LaVigne
City: Gig Harbor, WA, 98329
About Us
Sis Lavigne and Tracy LaVigne-Morrison, a mother-daughter duo and former teachers, were seeking a way to supplement their income and thus, Purdy Good Pickles was founded in June 2012. Drawing on our shared passion for organic eating and food preservation, we ventured into the world of pickle making. We proudly stand behind our slogan: "We make Purdy Good Pickles." By supporting us, you're not just buying pickles; you're supporting two small businesses at once!
We are committed to sourcing our organically certified produce from Northwest farmers, ensuring that each product we create — be it dill and spicy cucumber pickles, asparagus, garlic, beets, bread and butter pickles, jalapeños, spicy and dill carrots, or onions — meets the highest quality standards.