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Timeless Natural Foods (MT)
Contact: David Oien
City: Ulm, MT, 59485
About Us
Timeless Natural Food was founded in 1987 by four organic farmers and is situated amidst the breathtaking transition from the majestic Rocky Mountain Front to the renowned Golden Triangle, where the Great Plains of America unfurl. The farmers – Bud Barta, Jim Barngrover, Tom Hastings, and David Oien – aimed to market the production from their farms while cultivating a self-reseeding leguminous cover crop called George Black Medic. This served as an alternative to cultivated fallow fields, aiming to reduce erosion, build organic matter, save soil moisture, and provide natural nitrogen fertilizer for subsequent crops.

Although their lofty dream was considered "out of the box" for most farmers accustomed to synthetic fertilizers, the Timeless team remained steadfast in their commitment to crop rotations, natural fertilizer, and alternative agriculture. They recognized the need for viable cropping and market alternatives, not just for themselves but for other organic farmers as well.

Today, Timeless Natural Food supports dozens of organic family farmers across Montana and the surrounding region. They offer soil-building crop rotation options and provide new markets for their high-quality crops.

We are Certified Organic by Montanas Department of Agriculture and beyond our production capabilities, we are implementing our sustainability strategy which clearly identifies ways we can reduce our environmental footprint on the planet. Internally, we have a policy for reusing and recycling cardboard, plastic, wood, and metal. Additionally, we provide a safe and fun workplace, offer employee and producer ownership, mentor other small environmentally-conscious businesses, and promote sustainable agriculture education for both children and adults.