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Organically Grown Company (OR/CA/WA/BC/MX)
Contact: Collective Trust Owned
City: Portland, OR, 97230
About Us
Organically Grown Company (OGC) was founded in Oregon in 1978 by a group of grassroots visionaries, creative spirits and social movement boosters who cared about raising healthy food on healthy soil. Today, we continue to use our business for good. We’re champions of organic agriculture because organic is the answer to healthy carbon-absorbing soil, a healthy planet and healthy people.

As a fresh produce wholesaler and distributor, our longstanding relationships with organic farms in the Northwest and beyond allow us to source and distribute the highest quality fruits and vegetables year-round.

But we’re more than an organic produce company — “purpose” is a part of everything we do. As the first company in the U.S. to become “purpose trust owned,” our economic, social and environmental commitment are built into our bottom line. Learn more about OGC’s impact and how we share our success at
At Organically Grown Company, organic isn't just a label - it's the heart of our business. OGC works with more than 350 vendors, representing 1000 organic farms, so we know exactly what’s in season at its peak, and where it grows best.

The company is managed in a way that supports our mission to grow the organic agriculture movement, balancing the rights and interests of our growers, customers, coworkers, community organizations and investors. Every decision we make is full of respect for the people we work with and the planet we call home.

In 2023, we awarded $200,000 in grants to 80 mission-aligned organizations through our giving program and donated over 300 tons of organic produce to food banks and gleaners.

Our teams don't just comply with environmental regulations – we work together every day to reduce our environmental impact, coming up with solutions to slash energy consumption, cut down on plastics, fuel our fleet with biodiesel, and divert as much waste as possible from hitting the landfill. Reducing, diverting, recycling, and gleaning practices are part of our DNA.