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Blue Glass Farm
Contact: Alex Swidergal & Tyler Morgan
Address: 1234 Address Woodinville, WA, 98072
About Us
Blue Glass Farm is a highly productive little market garden located in the Sammamish Valley just Northeast of Seattle where we produce incredibly fresh produce for our friends and neighbors. We grew up eating amazing fruits and veggies fresh from the garden and strive to achieve those bursts of summer freshness in everything we grow. Our fresh sheet is a mix of new unique varieties of produce that people already know and love and sprinkle in a mix of true novelties like jelly melons and huauzontle.
Perhaps most importantly we believe that our farm needs to be operated in a way that makes sense economically for all stakeholders. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers, owners, laborers, communities, and environment are all able to thrive today and into the future.

We love to eat good produce and hope that shows up in the produce we sell. We don't grow bland, bulletproof vegetables. We grow real, nutritious, delicious fruit and vegetables.

We use a no-till farming method known as deep mulching to provide fertility and weed control while minimizing the release of carbon from our soil and creating rich soil ecosystems. We don't spray herbicides or pesticides. Pests and diseases are controlled through careful crop planning, physical barriers, and companion planting.

We don't use heavy equipment on the farm and as a result we use almost no petroleum products (we even bike to the farm on sunny days).