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Bright Ide Acres
Contact: Andrew & Micha Ide
City: Orting, WA, 98360
About Us
Our passion is ethically raised meat. Our ethics are threefold - to give our animals a high quality of life and humane death, to provide our employees with a living wage and exceptional working environment, and to steward the land and protect our natural resources.

By rotating our animals on our pastures we provide them with fresh clean living space, nutritious greens and insects for their enjoyment, and allow them to engage in their natural behaviors. This rotation also benefits the soil - manure from our animals fertilizes the pastures and rest periods allow the roots to remain strong and healthy.

The sheep and cows graze our lush pasture grasses, the pigs root up grubs and roots, while the poultry scratch and peck at fresh greens and protein-dense insects. When the wet winters hit we deep bed our livestock in barns. Any supplemental feed provided is non-GMO and WA State-grown. The meat harvested from such creatures far surpasses what is commercially available, and we encourage our friends and neighbors to give it a try.

We are proud of our high standards, and we think you will be too.