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Sno Valley Mushrooms
Contact: Will Lockmiller and Rowan Ledbetter
Address: 16328 315th Ave NE Duvall, WA, 98019
About Us
Our Mission is simple: “To provide high quality mushrooms for the fungus-hungry denizens of King County”. We sell 99% of our fresh mushrooms within 40 miles of our farm, serving Seattle and the Greater Eastside — now that’s local! We scatch-cultivate Shiitake, Lions Mane, Blue Oyster, and Queen Oyster mushrooms using locally sourced sawdust and milling byproducts, and using in-house spawn grown on Washington grain.
We grow "lignivorous" (wood eating) mushrooms--ones that be found naturally growing on trees, logs, stumps, or woody debris. We cultivate our fungi on a red alder (alnus rubra) and cottonwood (populus trichocarpa) sawdust substrate that is supplemented with organic grains and hydrated with water from the creek adjacent to our farm. We use no manure, pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic chemicals. What's more, we source all of our sawdust from sawmills right here in Western Washington