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NoWhere Foods
Contact: Zane Dunham
City: Seattle, WA, 98112
About Us
Founded in Seattle, WA, NoWhere is dedicated to promoting the adoption of sustainably produced food products. We showcase local flavors and farmers committed to regenerative and sustainable practices through our line of non-alchohlic beverages. Our passionate team, with expertise spanning professional kitchens, sustainability, and impact-driven business, is crafting a climate-friendly pantry to make sustainable food more accessible and enjoyable.
We believe in the deep connection between food and sustainability. That's why every product we create is designed to promote sustainable agriculture. We use real ingredients and techniques from brewing and distilling to craft unique, complex flavors that pair wonderfully with food. Our low-intervention, minimal processing approach ensures that the unaltered, natural goodness and flavor of our ingredients shine through. In an industry where clean and real ingredients are rare, we're proud to stand out. Our beverages, made much like non-alcoholic cocktails, offer a perfect non-alcoholic alternative—or simply a great drink for any occasion!