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Local Color Farm
Contact: Emily Tzeng and Brian Love
City: Puyallup, WA, 98374
About Us
Local Color Farm and Fiber is owned and operated by Emily Tzeng and Brian Love. We grow food, flowers, and fiber. We live and farm in the Puyallup River Valley of Washington and are excited to be growing fresh vegetables, heritage breed lamb, and naturally dyed fibers for your family.

We recognize the land we have the privilege of stewarding is stolen from the Puyallup Tribe. We believe that nutrient dense, colorfully diverse, and culturally appropriate foods should be available for everyone and are actively seeking ways to make this possible in our community.
We believe in the synergy between plants and animals and we believe in small scale agriculture. We provide fertility for our produce and flowers using compost generated by our animals, extensive cover cropping, and organic fertilizer. Our sheep are rotated throughout our pastures and cover crops for the health of the land and the animals. Our flower field and natural dye plants provide lots of food for beneficial insects. Everything is grown without synthetic pesticides and chemicals and that is why it all tastes so good! The result is an amazing diversity of vegetables and grass fed lamb and fibers for our community. We are not certified organic, but utilize only organic practices. We are proud to be a small farm, allowing us to touch each step of the process.

Farming the way we do is our way to combat climate change, provide food and fibers to our local community, and shapes the way we chose to live. We love to be able to provide the food for people so they are able to do their best work!