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Sky Valley Family Farm
City: Startup, WA, 98293
About Us
Our 44 acre farm is wonderfully located just 40 miles northeast of Seattle in the whistle-stop town of Startup. We are a 3rd and 4th generation family farm located in the Skykomish Valley. In 1989, Brent and Cindy quit teaching high school and moved back to Skykomish Valley to continue the farming tradition. Three years ago, Brent quit his job in the healthcare industry to farm full-time. Cindy also works full-time on the farm managing the books, keeping orders running smoothly, and making sure everyone gets good food!After graduating from Western Washington University, David, our oldest, joined us as a full-time farmer and started the 4th generation of farming this land.
We are TRULY LOCAL to our farmer's markets, our outlets, and the communities we serve! Striving to offer the freshest products with the highest health benefits, our fields are certified organic. They are the foundation for raising and feeding our happy, healthy animals. We use no antibiotics or chemicals in our fields or on our animals. The combination of pasturing and the ability of our animals to express themselves naturally results in the tastiest and healthiest eggs, pork, chicken and beef. We are proud to bring the finest products from our small farm to your family! Sustainable farming practices do not occur overnight. They take time to develop and evolve year after year. Here at Sky Valley Family Farm, our decisions are first centered around the health and well-being of our animals; we make choices to promote a robust and healthy environment for them. Many of our practices have been gleaned from other countries and a study of farming history in our own country. We continue to be life-long learners as animals can be unpredictable!