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Samish Bay Cheese
Contact: Suzanne and Roger Wechsler
City: Bow, WA, 98232
About Us
We originally bought the 54 acre farm in 1999 and took over the operation from the previous family, who began Samish Bay Cheese as an organic dairy farm in 1996. We started with only 13 cows, using all of their produced milk to create delectable organic cheeses. Since then we've grown our cow numbers to over 40 milkers and began creating yogurt and labneh. Over the years, we have strived to uncover the history of our beautiful farm and have added to the history ourselves.
We are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, this includes our cows, cheese, yogurt, beef, and veal. Our animals receive 100% organic feed and are hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic free. Our livestock are given plenty of access to outdoor pastures except during the winter, when the fields are too wet, they are kept off the pastures.