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Bumblebee Farm
Contact: Amy & Katy
City: Redmond, WA, 98053
About Us
Bumblebee Farm is a no-till market garden focusing on vegetables bred for flavor - specializing in heirloom varieties, Asian vegetables, edible flowers, and culinary herbs. We want to introduce people to unique and delightful varieties of produce that are rare now because they weren’t bred for shipping.
We're committed to organic growing practices that enhance soil health and native pollinator habitat.

No-till means we create permanent raised beds and never turn over the soil after the initial beds are formed. When we transition to a new crop, we leave roots in place to build soil structure, nurturing a vibrant soil ecosystem that makes our plants stronger and healthier.

Bumblebees and other native pollinators boost productivity and flavor for many crops. By dedicating some of our planting space to flowers, we attract pollinators as well as predatory insects that help control pests. We provide habitat where they can thrive, and they help us in return.