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Rising Sign Farm
Contact: Emma Shorr
City: Carnation , WA, 98014
About Us
Rising Sign Farm is a queer woman owned and operated vegetable farm in Carnation, WA, on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish people. We grow food that is good for people and good for the earth: our veggies and herbs are selected for flavor and grown with regenerative practices. Rising Sign is dedicated to food sovereignty and justice, using growing techniques based in agroecology, distribution focused on access, and growth rooted in solidarity and care.
Rising Sign practices regenerative farming, a way of farming that enhances, rather than degrades, the health of the environment. Our growing practices are above and beyond organic. We are focused on building healthy ecosystems that not only grow healthy and delicious food, but also support vast mycelial networks, sequester carbon, reduce common food system waste, and provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. If you have any questions, please email us.

No-till: Our commitment to building healthy soil and sequestering carbon begins with no-till farming techniques. This means we never turn over the soil using a tractor after our beds are established. Instead, we leave the roots of every crop in the ground, and add compost to the topsoil. This allows all of the carbon sequestered from the atmosphere during photosynthesis to be kept in the soil and leaves the mycorrhizal network undisturbed.

Limited plastic: From starting seeds to packaging produce, we are working to limit single-use plastics. For example, we use soil blocks instead of plastic trays for seeding, do not use plastic mulch in our fields, sell plant starts in recycled pots, re-use CSA boxes, and offer compostable produce bags at the market. We encourage you to bring your own produce bags when you shop, too!

Fertilizers: Growing plants takes a lot of nutrients, and Rising Sign is committed to using natural fertilizers that are friendly to the environment and to animals. This means we do NOT use: synthetic fertilizers, fertilizers made from dead animal products (fish meal, bone meal, etc.), or fertilizers extracted from mines (harvested in an unsustainable manner). We DO use cover cropping, plant-based compost, composted animal manure, and other natural fertilizers such as kelp meal.

Integrated pest management: Rising Sign does not use any chemical sprays on our plants. Instead, we work towards building a healthy, balanced ecosystem to help us manage pests. For example, we use diversification and crop rotation to reduce pest populations, interplant flowers between veggie rows to deter pests and attract beneficial insects, and use remay (a cloth cover) to protect plants from some flying insects.

Seed: Whenever possible, we purchase certified organic seeds that are open-pollinated and grown in the Pacific Northwest. We never use GMO seeds.