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Garden Treasures
Contact: Mark and Patrica
City: Arlington, WA, 98223
About Us
Garden Treasures is truly a family farm. Mark and Patrica met while Mark was touring Mexico on his bike. While dating, they were inspired to open up their own farm. They knew 'location' was key so they wrote letters to every farm owner along Hwy 530 until one replied. And with that, the adventure was off! Farmer Mark Lovejoy grew up in Arlington and it was his love of the disappearing farmlands and farm community of his childhood that sparked the inspiration for Garden Treasures and our naturally grown farm. Farmer and Florist Patricia Lara grew up working the row crops of her grandfather's farm in Mexico. Her parents ran a restaurant on the beach, growing their own 'seed to table' needs. So it's not surprising that she found herself farming. With a business degree, Patricia brings her farm AND business skills to Garden Treasures.
We are a diverse, bio-diverse and sustainable farm. We grow vegetables, flowers, bedding plants using sustainable growing practices. We specialize in natural and sustainable growing practices, and have been doing so since 2006 - right here in Arlington.