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Wild Bay Seafoods
Contact: Don, Maggie, & Matt Gardner
City: Gig Harbor, WA, 98335
About Us
Wild Bay Seafood Company traces its origins back to 1997, the year we purchased the fishing vessel, “Maggie Lynn” named after our only daughter – Maggie. Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, we are a small family fishing operation with only our son and daughter on deck. Every summer we fish commercially for wild sockeye salmon in the Naknek and Kvichak rivers of Bristol Bay, Alaska and in the fall and winter months we direct market our catch.
Bristol Bay stands as the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery, overseen responsibly by the state of Alaska to uphold sustainability. It sets an unparalleled standard within the fishing industry. We fully endorse and support Alaska's strict management of this distinct watershed and fishery.

All the seafood we provide is wild, MSC certified sustainable, and remains in our care and safekeeping from harvest until it is delivered to you. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re promoting both personal health and the health of our planet.