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Ecolibrium Farms
Contact: Alex Meizlish
Address: 15410 NE 124th St Redmond, WA, 98052
About Us
Ecolibrium is a bio-intensive, market garden located in the Sammamish Valley, made up of a diverse team of farmers, chefs, creatives and dreamers. We believe that growing food in an ecologically-sound manner enhances the health and vitality of our natural ecosystems and view cooking as extension of our agricultural processes. Everyday we work to make our food system more local, connected, and resilient while nurturing new ideas about community, farms, ecology and food consumption.
While our focus is on growing produce, the principles we employ in our field support the larger ecosystem within which we farm. Techniques we use to sustain the farm and regenerate the ecological robustness of the world around us include: Maintain organic certification - WSDA and The Real Organic Project, no synthetic pesticides, targeted fertilization with granular organic amendments, reducing run-off into local waterways, keep the edges of the field wild so beneficial, birds, insects and fungi can have habitat.