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TUNaWERTH Creamery
Contact: Anita deBoer
City: Tenino, WA, 98589
About Us
We are a family owned and operated dairy and creamery who strive to make exceptional cheeses from the Netherlands (where we are originally from) including Gouda, Komijne, Kruidnagel, etc., as well as milk products (low pasteurized milk, yogurt, and soft cheeses). The dairy and creameries are operated by Anita and Peter and our sons Tjeerd-Pieter and Eelke.

Enjoy our Farm fresh products!
Our Jersey and Holstein cows are fed Grass and an all natural feed mix, and our Milk is free of rBST and antibiotics.
To ensure a great quality of Milk, Yogurt and Cheeseā€™s we take good care of our cows -- we milk them twice a day. Early in the morning the milk is brought to the Creamery to make fresh products for our customers. Our milk is low pasteurized, which means we heat (pasteurize) the milk to a temperature that eliminates harmful micro-organisms but leaves valuable enzymes intact. Our yogurt is made from our whole milk and live cultures.