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Creamline Farms
Contact: Tyler Carroll & Erica Turner
City: Milton-Freewater, OR, 97862
About Us
This butter originates from our family farm in Umatilla County, where our Jersey cows provide the rich and nutritious milk used to make Creamline butter. Our cows graze on pasture, creating a unique flavor profile that evolves with the seasons. We enhance the cream with live cultures to deepen its flavor and create a smooth, creamy texture. After several days of culturing, we churn the cream in small batches and handcraft the butter. Free from artificial additives, our butter delivers an authentic taste experience. Our mission is to prioritize the well-being of our cows and customers alike, ensuring both are happy and healthy.
We operate as a natural dairy, though not certified organic. Our approach involves avoiding antibiotic usage whenever possible, resorting to medication only when cows are ill or in critical conditions. Veterinary check-ups occur every three weeks, and our nutritionist visits monthly to ensure optimal herd health. Milk from cows treated with antibiotics is discarded and not used in our butter production. Our herd consists primarily of Jersey cows, supplemented by Brown Swiss and Holstein cross breeds. These cows have year-round access to pasture and are primarily grass-fed, with additional local alfalfa hay in their diet. Daily feeding includes a mix of grass hay, corn silage, vitamins, and minerals, with grain supplementation varying according to seasonal and nutritional requirements.