Wild Canary Farm
Contact: Katie and Jim Haak
Address: PO Box 1470 Duvall, WA, 98019
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Phone: 425-333-6663
About Us
We are Katie and Jim Haack at Wild Canary Farm (you may know us formerly as KT Cattle Company) and we have been in love for over 36 years, farming in earnest for 8. We met in high school, married thereafter and in a fit of wanderlust, abandoned the Midwest over 30 years ago seeking adventure and new horizons in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim was raised spending summers in the Ozarks on his grandfather’s small ranch with cattle, horses and endless days that unfolded like a wide-open meadow. Katie’s father was a Master Gardner and avid photographer. He instilled in Katie a deep love for the beauty of plants of all kinds, both the joy of cultivating them in one’s life and, the daily work of the gardener.

As our family grew, we never forgot those farming and garden roots. We often visited quiet rural places with our young boys and dreamt of a farm of our own one day. In 2004 we stumbled on an improbable opportunity and relocated our family out of the city to the Snoqualmie Valley to live a bit slower, closer to nature and truth be told, to recapture the magic we both once found in our youth.

It was here that we started our farm from scratch, ironically, from the perspective of the eater. We wanted local. We wanted higher ethics and we wanted natural. We wanted to know where our food came from and most importantly we longed for a hand in creating it.
We are both passionate about quality. At Wild Canary Farm we have selected and bred a unique, heritage beef cow herd, Belted Kingshires, for their exceptional disposition, marbling and taste. Our cattle receive no hormones, antibiotics or synthetic supplements of any kind. We are proud to be both Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed by A Greener World, the only national certification organization that guarantees the highest standard of sustainable, high-welfare farm practices. We are convinced the character of our valley soils, our terroir, and the pastures those soils support produces taste and nutrition simply unmatched in the marketplace today.

Our farm journey now continues with the addition of fresh cut flowers to the farm. We are excited to focus on abundant, unique, seasonal blooms and we are thrilled to expand our farm in a way that creates such beauty, romance and happiness. Keep an eye out for our pasture raised rabbit, pork, and lamb in the near future!

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us and our farm!