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Kamayan Farm
Contact: Ari de Leña
City: Carnation, WA, 98019
About Us
Kamayan Farm is a small vegetable and flower farm with a vision of building a reciprocal and reparative connection to land. We specialize in growing Asian heirloom veggies and seeds, edible flowers, and dried flowers. The word kamayan is Tagalog for "with hands" and refers to the ancestral way of eating for Filipinos. A kamayan table is laden with banana leaves and then piled high with an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, and sometimes fish or meat. In Filipino culture, food is love and a kamayan feast is like an altar to the land, community, and ancestors who, despite hundreds of years of colonization, continue to offer us resilience through food. Eating with your hands is both intimate and sacred, reminding us that we are inextricably linked to the land that feeds us.

We are also a member of Second Generation Seeds, a collective of Asian American growers, inviting our community to reclaim the narrative around Asian crops and their foodways.
Our practices include:
- Low-till or no-till practices that help restore the microbial life of the soil and honor complex mycelial connections
- Growing a broad diversity of plants, including veggies, flowers, and medicinal herbs to help balance the farm ecosystem
- Employing integrated pest management practices to naturally reduce pests and diseases
- Ensuring that all inputs are organic and from non-extractive sources
- Rooting the farm in a community that is also committed to its care and sustainability