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Little Island Creamery
Contact: Kathleen McDonald
Address: 448 E Little Island Rd Cathlamet, WA, 98612
About Us
Nestled in the heart of Puget Island, Washington, our 54-acre farm has a rich history dating back to 1946. Comprised of a barn, various outbuildings, and wide-open pastures, the farm caught the eye of Dick and his sister Kathleen when they acquired adjoining properties on Little Island. Inspired by the vision of revitalizing the land, Dick took the plunge and purchased the farm in 2010. Restoration work began on the barn in 2014 and the creamery opened its doors in 2015.Originally, the creamery made cheeses and butter with goat and cow milk. In time, Kathleen and Dick refined their goals and settled on milking purebred Jersey cows. The results are in their flavorful butter and award-winning cheese and other delicious dairy products. Little Island Creamery is a labor of love and passion for the land, made possible by our dedicated team of dairy technicians, farmhands, and administrative support.

We raise and milk purebred Jersey cows. Our cow's milk is high in butter fat, which we think makes the best Brie, cheese curds and butter around! We practice biological farming, which means we do our best to mimic nature so that our animal partners are healthy and happy.