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Bumbee's Garden
Contact: Dana Mitchell
City: Woodinville, WA, 98072
About Us
I started farming to create a space that my girls could wander and forage without concern of sprays, chemicals or contaminates. Where they could just pick, taste and connect with their food. Exploring and discovering all the living things in the garden. We understand that the garden needs more than seed, water and sun, it needs all the creatures above and below the soil and stewards of the land for all to enjoy.
We are Bee Friendly and Water Conscious. Dedicating space for pollinators and insect habitats. We use no chemicals, sprays, or soil additives and follow organic practices. Sourcing as many of our seeds locally, so that they better adapted to our soils as well as seeds from hotter climates to increase biodiversity and ability to adapt to the changing climate. We are growing without irrigation using rainfed agriculture practices and moon phases to optimize plant needs. Truly growing and eating seasonally ready produce.