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Alki Farms
Contact: Marshall LeRoy
City: Woodinville, WA, 98072
About Us
Alki Market Garden is an acre farm, started in 2016. We are a part of the Viva incubator program and work closely with Viva student farm. Alki's focus is on salad veggies, edible flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and squash. Our mission is to grow the best produce in the Seattle area. Thank you so much for your patronage, we put all of our love into your order!
We are GAP certified under the Viva student farm program. We farm using organic practices and follow strictly organic certification requirements. Although Alki is NOT certified organic we follow these requirements to the letter because our land is currently certified under Viva Farm. We also practice regenerative agriculture practices, using no-till methods, water conservation practices, and top soil building techniques.