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Windy Hills Farm
Contact: Justin & Mindy Porter
City: Touchet, WA, 99360
About Us
Our farming journey began first with the chicken, then the egg! We are a 6th generation farm that was homesteaded in 1886. At that time, Mindy’s great great great grandpa, Edwin Weary, ran a cattle and sheep ranch while growing alfalfa and oats to feed the animals. After many generations and diversified crops, the farm transitioned to organic farming in 2003. When we moved out to the family farm, our goal to grow healthy food for our family quickly turned into a desire and responsibility to feed our community and thus, Windy Hills Farm was officially established in 2022. We primarily focus on pastured poultry farming where we raise organic meat chickens and eggs in addition to growing Microgreens.
We are passionate about being good stewards of the land, that provides abundantly for us, which is why we use a regenerative agriculture model. We partner with Walla Walla Organics who uses our chickens for planned grazing to fertilize and enrich the soil to produce healthy crops. This practice allows us to give back to the land in which we take and develop healthy soil for future generations. We thrive to instill our children with the importance of this responsibility.

As we give back to not only our land but our community, by providiing healthy, sustainable food, we believe being transparent about how we raise your food is our top priority! True animal husbandry is the symbiotic relationship between the farmer/rancher and the animal, providing them with the most natural environment for them to act as they should; getting fresh air, grass, bugs, sunshine and exercise daily to be the happiest, healthiest animals they can be. Knowing your farmer and where your food comes from is important and we are dedicated to ensuring we provide safe and healthy food to our community.