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Harmony Fields
City: Bow, WA, 98232
About Us
Harmony Fields is owned and operated by Jessica Gigot, Ph.D. and Dean Luce. Together they have two girls (June and Eloise), a McNab sheep dog (Tulsi), and an eccentric cat (Lars). Jessica has an academic background in horticulture, health, and creative writing and appreciates the confluence of artists and farmers in this valley. Dean is a carpenter and graphic designer by trade, but also a self-made luthier and musician. Together Jess and Dean are The Dovetails and they perform their old-time & blue grass music around town.
Our mission is to produce nutritious, high-quality food and medicine using organic and ecological farming techniques. We also offer educational opportunities that foster creativity, kindness, and place-based living.

Our sheep, donkeys, and ducks are raised with love. While these are working animals, they are also part of our family and we value the joy and comfort they bring to the farm. We have a flock of East Friesian/Lacaune sheep that we initially acquired from a retiring cheesemaker in eastern Washington. They are primarily a milk breed, but also offer excellent wool and meat. We graze them on certified 100% organic pasture and supplement their feed with local hay and grains.