Regeneration Farm
Contact: Andrew Green, Antoine Wilson
Address: 16215 140th Pl NE Woodinville, WA, 98072
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About Us
Regeneration Farm is run by Antoine Wilson and Andrew Green. We are located near Woodinville in the Sammamish Valley. We are in our fourth year of building a functioning wetland permaculture farm using an agroforestry alley cropping system. We provide our local communities with a healthy source of local food, plants and knowledge. We run our farm on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social sustainability, using as our strategy a diversified approach of (1) food production, (2) educational workshops and events, and (3) sales of regenerative and edible plants. This business format is set within the context of restoring our two acre plot of agricultural land to provide maximum environmental benefit (including carbon sequestration via topsoil creation and tree planting), ecosystem health and on-farm productivity. In 2019 Regeneration Farm is laying our agroforestry system groundwork, installing tree crops and long-term farm infrastructure while running a direct market farm growing organic vegetables and pastured pork.
We produce the highest quality, nutrient dense, healthy foods! Regeneration Farm is committed to long term regeneration of degraded and underused farmland, ecosystems, soil, local economies and healthy food systems. We run our farm with current sustainable agriculture best practices to ensure these goals are met. We do not till, always cover over barren soil, rotate our crops, never spray pesticides, herbicides, or any chemical or non-organic fertilizers or materials. We follow organic practices, holistically rotate our animals for pasture rehabilitation and fertilization, keep bees, cover crop our fields and plant a diversity of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, trees and medicinal plants. We utilize multi-layer plantings of both annual and perennial crops together in an agroforestry system to increase our on farm biodiversity, soil health, and our moisture and nutrient retention. Through this system we diversify what we produce, add resilience to our farm business, extend our harvest seasons and create beneficial microclimates for our products to grow. We hope you will join us in regeneration!