Tangled Willows Farm
Contact: Ashely Aloe
Address: 9806 111th St SE Snohomish, WA, 98296
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Phone: 412-980-1671
About Us
Ash, the owner and farmer at Tangled Willows, started her farming career in dairy. Having completed the intensive dairy program, CREAM, at the University of Vermont while majoring in Zoology with a focus on wildlife conservation. After spending a summer in Montana doing the Wildlife in the West Program through Swan Valley Connections the relationship between the two clicked - How can we use agriculture in an equitable way with local wildlife, where both livestock and wild creatures get to live a low stress, biologically appropriate life with minimal conflict? After graduating from UVM in 2015, she traveled through both the US and parts of Europe WWOOFing, finally settling on an internship back in Montana working on a sheep dairy. Afterwards, she moved to Seattle working as a cheesemaker at Beecher's Handmade Cheese for a year and then on to the Farmer-In-Training program at Carnation Farms. In her first season, Tangled Willows Farm raised French White Muscovy ducks and sold fresh birds to farm-to-table restaurants in Seattle. One year later and Tangled Willows has switched gears to duck and quail eggs. She prides herself on putting animal well-being ahead of profit; it's a whole lot of work but, ultimately, she wants her customers to source their eggs from hens raised with kindness, compassion, and respect for them and the environment.
Stewardship, sustainability, and self-sufficiency are the core tenets at Tangled Willows Farm. We use an intensive rotational grazing system to ensure our animals get the healthiest fields to forage for insects, greens, and seeds year round. We also source our supplemental feed from Washington State feed mills and locally grown grain. Our ducks always have access to swimming water and our quail are never kept in battery cages; in fact, our quail may be the only pasture raised commercial eggs in Western Washington currently available. Our goal is to allow our animals to live the most biologically appropriate life possible. Animals are kept in low stocking densities to reduce stress and animal handling is minimal. We're a low impact farm, using geese as flock guardians and scything our fields to make our own hay. After all, we can't expect healthy animals if we don't have healthy pastures! The result is eggs with deep orange yolks, better nutrition, and richer flavor!