Root & Rabbit Farm
Contact: Trevor and Dave
City: Woodinville , WA,
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About Us
At Root & Rabbit Farm, we focus on the entire farm ecosystem:

- Using organic, regenerative and sustainable growing methods to improve our soil quality and produce nutritious, seasonally ripe vegetables

- Finding an equilibrium between our farm and other inhabitants that rely on the land

- Focus on biodiversity and education

- Using the latest in technology to reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase our productivity
Little to no-till
Integrated Pest Management
Permanent Raised Bed
Sheet Mulch
Community Supported Agriculture
Soil Building
Crop Rotation

We're a part of Viva Farm's incubator program and follow strict organic practices as the land we steward holds an organic certification through Viva. We do not have our own certification but follow the same guidelines and principles.