Laurel's Crown Cheese
Contact: Laurie Neal
Address: PO Box 1945 Wenatchee, WA, 98807
Email Address:
Phone: 509-860-2510
About Us
My name is Laurie Neal, I am the owner of Laurel's Crown Cheese. The Creamery is located in Othello WA. I craft Artisan Cheese and make deliveries to a variety of locations in Washington State.
Laurel's Crown is fortunate to be located on a dairy with specialty practices. The Jersey cows are 100% grass-fed (365 days per year, no supplemental feeds) which gives Laurel's Crown Cheese a golden yellow color and distinct flavor profiles. The dairy is also Certified Organic, Non-GMO certified and Animal Welfare Approved. Production of Laurel's Crown Cheese is seasonal, following the pasture seasons. A number of Laurel's Crown Cheeses are Certified Organic by WSDA Organic program. Cheese making has become my passion - I am always thinking of ways to create a new flavor profile. I have become a convert to the high quality 100% grass-fed milk and carefully craft cheese that reflects the unique flavors of the milk rather than overpower it. Most of Laurel's Crown cheese is open air aged rather than vacuum pack aged.Laurel's Crown Bebe' received a Good Food Award in 2017 and Badger Mt. Blue earned a Silver in the World Cheese Awards in London in November 2017.