The Little Farm By The Sea
Contact: Jordan Beebe and Lauren Millhollin
Address: 1400 Ocean Beach Rd Hoquiam, WA, 98550
About Us
We are a regenerative farm with goals of improving the land, improving our communities, and improving our too-fragile food system. We will make our dent in the universe by playing our role in a new-old-world local food system. Our bounty to share is delectable pasture-based meats; always ethically-raised, antibiotic free, and no added hormones. We hope you cherish this food that will nourish your body, mind, and taste buds. Enjoy!

Raised with the utmost respect, cows on The Little Farm by the Sea are managed as gently as we know how. Grazed in such a way that regenerates the land and pastures, we consider this beyond organic: no antibiotics, no added hormones and raised beyond just pastures, this is beef from our silvopasture-raised beef cattle moved through pastures and tree-covered areas filled with shade, mixed forages, cool breezes, sunshine, and of course plenty of Grays Harbor County rain!