Equs Farms
Contact: Sanjay Kumar
Address: 16428 Marine Drive Stanwood, WA, 98292
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About Us
At Equs Farms we believe that sustainability entails many more aspects than just resource conservation and waste reduction. We believe that our efforts must reach into our local community and also our longevity into the future. We believe in having an equal partnership with our land; in creating a balance by giving back to it as much as taking from it.We think about long-term consequences of whatever we do, whether it is in the seeds, the amount of water we use, or the runoffs. We know that whatever we do impacts the land and so every input is thought out carefully and measured.
We provide nutritious and healthy fruit that is grown organically and in a sustainable manner. We are committed to sustainable practices on our 5-acre farm in Stanwood, Washington that includes using renewable energy and water sources and organic farming. Our work at Equs Farms is inspired by the practices and ideas of FLOSS agriculture (Fresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable and Seasonal).We are certified as an organic farm by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.