Cascadia Cooperative Farms
Contact: Petrina Fisher
Address: 17504 Elliott Rd Snohomish, WA, 98296
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Phone: 360-668-7667
About Us
Cascadia Cooperative Farms brings together small local farms raising pastured poultry to feed our communities using ethical, humane, and ecologically responsible practices. CCF creates pathways for farmers to market their products and ensures the well-being of the farmer, community, land, and animals raised.
Cascadia Cooperative Farms chickens are raised in a way that allows them to freely range and forage on pasture, and eat greens and insects in their natural environment. They also have access to supplemental non-GMO feed, a secure space to roost and lay eggs and have free access to both pasture and protected areas from dawn to dusk. While there is currently no USDA certified definition of the pasture raised system, our members make the welfare and health of their animals their top priority. Cascadia Cooperative Farms has established animal husbandry standards derived from Animal Welfare Approved and Humane Animal Farm Care’s Certified Humane program that Producer-members follow in raising their flocks.