Summer Run Farm
Contact: Cathryn Baerwald
Address: PO Box 418 Carnation, WA, 98014
About Us
Summer Run Farm is a 20 acre farm located in Carnation. Over the years Summer Run has run a csa, sold at numerous farmers markets, and provided garlic seed to a farm supply company. Today owner , Cathryn Baerwald, enjoys making Fermented Black Garlic and milking her miniature jersey cow Petunia. After 18 years of farming, Summer Run Farm, continues to become more diversified and more sustainable.
The 20 acres of farmland owned and being cared for by Summer Run Farm is in several conservation programs with KCD and King County Farm Preservation Program. All of the land has been certified organic since it was purchased over 12 years. For financial reasons, garlic is the only crop being certified at this time. Summer Run Farm is currently involved in a habitat restoration project which will improve two large waterways on the farm and provide more diversified beneficial plants and healthy creek banks.