Tractor Farm
Contact: Erin Ericson
Address: PO Box 457 Snoqualmie, WA, 98065
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About Us
Tractor Farm is located on an oxbow slough just north of Fall City. My husband and I are leasing the farm with a couple of other friends. The primary intent was to have a place close to home that allowed for some creative farming adventures while we worked on figuring out our future land endeavors. In 2015, we worked to bring the farm back to life and customers enjoy our fruits of labor at co-ops, CSAs, and wholesale.
We have a 4-acre mixed variety Asian pear orchard that was established at the center of the property. The trees were planted in phases and the oldest trees are about 15 years old. The orchard is bordered by a sequoia tree windbreak that was planted about the same time. We continue to operate the orchard to organic standards even though we are not a certified organic farm at this time. This means we are establishing a pesticide free system of pest management, including bringing in beneficial insects and planting seeds with flowers and pollen to attract beneficial insects.